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Raleigh Park Location, 8568 SW Apple way, Portland, OR 97225, 503-292-6773

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Dr. Mike

8285 SW Nimbus, Ste 185 Beaverton, OR, 97008, 503-646-1931

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to Cloud Nine Dental

Imagine walking into a dental office for the first time and being greeted enthusiastically by someone who already knows your name. Instead of a sterile, corporate environment, you experience clean, modern decor and smell a hint of essential oils in the air. You meet a highly skilled hygienist who takes the time to gently clean your teeth and answers your questions with warmth and kindness.

Welcome to Cloud Nine Dental. Welcome to the best dental experience of your life.

What Our Patients Say

Cloud Nine Dental is BY FAR the best dentist office I have ever been to in my entire life… The care they give their patients is top notch, they are so friendly, and they make you enjoy going to the dentist. For those of you reading my review, if I could pick Cloud Nine Dental for you right now, I would!!!! It’s that good. – Joseph S.
My appointment is not until later today, but I could not resist the urge to write this review now; as it is way overdue. I cannot express enough gratitude that I have for Cloud Nine Dental; and all its staff! From day one I received exceptional customer service. Whether it’s me coming in for a cleaning, needing a crown, an insurance question you name it there is nothing that this team can’t tackle. This morning I was so elated that I could get in for an appointment, and just started thinking about all the care I have gotten thus far that I couldn’t help but to cry tears of joy. Your smile is one of many things that most people notice about you. What I notice about Cloud Nine Dental is that everyone genuinely loves the work that they do, and it shows. It’s been such a blessing to have Cloud Nine Dental as my dental office!!! – Telly M.
It was great to meet some of your new office staff. I enjoyed getting to know Amanda and was so impressed with Kelsea’s kindness and customer service at the front desk. I am so glad you hired Kelsea; it’s so delightful to have someone like her since she is the last person with whom we communicate. – Lori B.
I’m a previous patient of Dr. Drew Ballard. The new dentist, Dr. Mike, is so amazing and keeps us with the cloud nine standards. I love this office. The atmosphere is so great and everyone is so kind and caring. They make me feel right at home and they make me feel comfortable. They answer all my questions in a timely manner. I love this place. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my dental needs. – Kayla P.

Teeth Whitening

To make a great first impression, you’ll want to start with a bright, white smile. Unfortunately, as we age and because of our eating and drinking habits, our teeth can become dull or discolored. Thankfully, Cloud Nine Dental offers a range of teeth whitening options so you can improve your smile. We only offer options that are safe and effective, and we provide both in-office and take-home teeth whitening treatments. Learn more

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a major advance in dental technology! Patients love them because they provide stability for their restorations and promote jaw health. At Cloud Nine Dental, we can place and restore dental implants right here in our office. You can have the entire implant procedure performed by a dentist you know and trust. If you need a restoration, please ask us about dental implants. We’ll be happy to explain how they work and their many benefits. Learn more

Laser Dentistry

At Cloud Nine Dental, we use the latest dental technology so that your experience with us is as pleasant as possible. Laser dentistry also means that you experience less pain, reduced risk of infection, and less swelling and bleeding. Because of our commitment to your comfort and our use of laser dentistry, you can feel less anxious about any procedures you may need to undergo. Learn more

Cosmetic Dentistry

Does your smile open doors, or close them? At Cloud Nine Dental, we can help you achieve your dream smile with our aesthetic dentistry treatments. We offer teeth whitening, dental veneers, cosmetic bonding, and more. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the way your smile looks, give us a call. Learn more


If you’d like to straighten and align your teeth without visible metal wires and brackets, Invisalign could be the perfect solution for you. Using clear aligners, Invisalign gently and gradually moves your teeth into a better position. If you’ve been wanting to make a change to your smile, we can help you determine whether you’d be a good candidate for Invisalign.

Gum Disease

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a very common issue among many adults. If you have gum disease, it simply means that your gums are infected in the areas near your teeth. Unfortunately, if you allow your gum disease to progress unchecked it can lead to tooth loss. The problem is, many people do not know they have gum disease, since it is a largely pain-free malady. At Cloud Nine Dental, we’ll check your gums for signs of periodontal disease, and we’ll do our utmost to help you prevent it.


At Cloud Nine Dental, we know that a healthy smile begins with good dental hygiene. That’s why we’re committed to teaching you how to care for your smile at home. In addition to home care, we also stress the importance of dental visits every six months for a professional teeth cleaning and check-up.. Exams also help us catch and mitigate any issues that are developing in your mouth. Call us today to set up an appointment for a cleaning and exam.

Emergency Dentistry

Your emergency is our top priority. At our practice, we offer same-day treatment for dental emergencies and around-the-clock help. Dental emergencies are never convenient. At Cloud Nine Dental, you can find the care you need right when you need it. Don’t let an emergency ruin your teeth—contact Cloud Nine Dental as soon as possible, so we can save your smile! Learn more

What Makes Us Different

During your checkup, you can enjoy top quality dentistry from a dentist who has been trained at the most prestigious school in the country. Dr. Mike has spent hundreds of hours in learning the art and craft of dentistry. He’s here to help and support you each time you visit us.

Instead of being told what to do about your dental issues, imagine being shown high resolution, digital images and being asked what you want! Naturally, in light of all of this, you may begin to wonder if you are in the right place, I mean, all of this has to be expensive, right? In fact, our fees are 10% less than those of many other local offices.

At Cloud Nine Dental, we focus on your experience, not on our bottom line. We value relationships, not just getting you through the door. And because Cloud Nine Dental is not owned by a big corporation, we can be more flexible, accommodating, and convenient. You can have complete trust in our team.

Dr. Mike’s number one priority is making sure his patients are pain-free and comfortable.

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