Invisalign–What you didn’t know!

26STRAIGHT TALK ABOUT MISALIGNED TEETH ~ Your smile and your health are clearly connected.  What’s healthier about straighter teeth?

Misaligned teeth can lead to premature wear, tooth lose, gum disease, and the buildup of bacteria associated with bigger problems, including heart disease.  More than seven out of ten American adults have some kind of issue with their bites, such as crowding, spacing, or overbites-your dentist may use the word malocclusion.

STRAIGHT TEETH ARE HEALTHIER TEETH ~ When your teeth are properly aligned, the health benefits are clear.

Healthier Gums — It’s easier to brush and floss around properly aligned teeth, and you are less likely to have pockets between your gums and teeth that trap bacteria.

Improved Hygiene — Properly aligned teeth reduce plaque retention, tooth decay, and the rick of gum disease.

Less Wear and Trauma — Aligned teeth reduce the risk of tooth chipping, breaking, and wear, which can require expensive procedures to repair. Proper alginment also reduces stress on the jawbones and joints.

INVISALIGN ~ The world’s most advanced clear aligner system.

Only Invisalign clear aligners are made of SmartTrack material and are clinically proven to achieve 75 percent more predictable tooth movement.  To start your journey toward properly aligned teeth and better overall health, talk to your doctor about Invisalign clear aligners, trusted by nearly 4 million patients like you. JOIN THEM.

*The information in this post came from excerpts from the Straight Talk About Misaligned Teeth.  If you would like a copy of the whole brochure, we have copies in the office or we would be happy to mail you a copy.

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