Thanksgiving Dental Emergency

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It was the last day before the Thanksgiving weekend and the day had gone like a dream. Every patient was gone.  The Cloud Nine team members were bustling about closing up to head home to their families.  You could actually feel the energy and holiday cheer in the air.  As if on cue, the front door swings open.   Holding her front tooth outstretched in the palm of her hand, Mrs. Smith says ”I wasn’t sure what to do.  Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am hosting.  I don’t want to be walking around without my front tooth.  I thought if anyone could help me, it would be you guys.”

As soon as Dr. Micheal Yesenofski heard the news of Mrs. Smith’s situation he knew what needed to be done.  “Oh Man………. We gotta help her guys!”  This became the mission, to help Mrs. Smith avoid the image she was dreading, of pouring wine for her guests with a toothless grin.  There was no sign of pain or toothache, but surely this was a dental emergency.   When Mrs. Smith walked out the door to prepare for her dinner party she boasted her broad smile in thanks.  There was no sign of the missing tooth that was intimidating her just an hour before.  Off she went with only the preparation for her holiday dinner remaining on her mind.  Mission accomplished!

I have only been in this office a few weeks and I felt lucky to bear witness to this dentist and team in action.  This is the level of compassion anyone in a dental emergency should receive.  What is more inspiring was learning from the team how many other people they had helped that very day and week in similar situations.

Written by: Jovi P.

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