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Family Dentistry

63There are no age limits on a fantastic smile. Family dentistry is a tradition at Cloud Nine Dental, and we look forward to getting to know you and your loved ones. We offer convenient hours, and appointment flexibility. If you’re looking for a dentist who will forge a lasting professional relationship with you and help you enjoy excellent oral health throughout every stage of your life, you’ve found one. Dr. Micheal Yesenofski understands the oral health needs of each age range, and will make sure your family is getting top quality care that will prevent dental problems and give your loved ones smiles that can last a lifetime.

Children and Teenagers | Your habits when you are a child and teenager will affect your habits as an adult. Visiting the dentist regularly as a child can help you avoid dental problems and enjoy greater oral health throughout your life. We take the time to educate our child and teen patients and help them develop good habits. If your child starts early enough, Dr. Micheal Yesenofski can prevent misalignment issues with space retainers that will help your child’s adult teeth come in straight.

9Young Adults | Young adults often forget to make their tooth care a priority, but visiting the dentist twice a year can help patients avoid cavities, gum disease, cracks, and other serious tooth problems. The earlier a dental issue is detected, the easier it is to treat, and regular dental visits keep your smile beautiful. Patients who make visiting the dentist a priority can maintain their healthy, beautiful smile as they get older.

Adults | Nothing makes you look and feel younger like a beautiful smile. Your relationship with your dentist will improve your confidence, positivity, and oral health. At this stage of your life, your dental visits will greatly help you decrease your gum disease risk.

Senior Citizens | With family dentistry, your aging smile can be a golden one. By preventing dental problems with regular dental checkups and daily oral hygiene, senior citizens can prevent tooth loss and enjoy a long-lasting, natural smile.

Our dental office is a no judgment zone. Has it been a little while since you’ve seen the dentist? You will get no judgments here, just an open hand and a “nice to meet you.” It’s probably not as bad as you think and we’ll help you get back on track in an affordable and convenient way.

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